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Who Am I?

Who Am I? was written for someone close to me.

It is often hard to keep hold of who we are amidst all the noise and confusion of life. Teenage years can be particularly hard, without a pandemic to contend with. I think many of us question our identity and how we relate to others. Sometimes we feel confident about who we are, sometimes we feel fragile and unsure.

This piece reflects the beauty of the individual, using dissonance as a way of expressing the uncertainties we can feel, but resolution in the hope that our individuality and personhood remains intact and whole, despite what goes on around us.

As I composed this piece, the words helped to shape the melody and structure, and I wanted to include them in the score as a way of giving the melody unique voices. I am not intending it to be sung, but for the words to come through the music in the listener’s own voice.

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Who Am I? score example