Composing & Arranging

Composing Biography

I have composed since I was eight. My love of singing and melody combines with my interest in the polyphony of the Baroque period and the dissonance of Twentieth Century composers.

I spent much of my childhood experimenting at the piano and singing.

By the age of fourteen I had written and performed the background music for three videos for the Bible Society, complete with original songs. My involvement in a local church gave me plenty of opportunity to develop my song-writing and harmonic foundation, and I found composing an expressive outlet during my teenage years.

My BMus(Hons) degree at Birmingham University further developed my expertise and aural awareness, and I focussed on electo-acoustic composition and orchestration in my final year.

The opportunity to arrange the material for the MusicShakers CDs came at just the right time after a career break to start our family. These CDs allowed me to experiment and work with digital software to develop my arranging and producing skills. I re-discovered my passion for composition and creating new material, and this became the springboard for my song-writing and musicals.

My compositional output slowly began to grow, and I eventually became Composer in Residence for Services For Education in 2012. Since then I have relished the opportunity to write songs, musicals and piano music for many different occasions.

A full list of my compositions is available.