Soul Songs

Unique music, composed especially for you
Music speaks more intimately than words.

We all experience unique moments in our lives. Music beautifully enriches these significant times by weaving together emotions and concepts in harmony and melody.

Soul Songs are solo piano pieces, composed especially for you. Your unique Soul Song captures what words cannot fully express.

When I compose for others, I communicate feelings and sentiment by drawing on my rich musical experience and heritage. I transpose thoughts into melody and harmony. As the music emerges and I search for the perfect chords and notes that add colour and life, my piece connects with the individual and tells their story.

Soul Songs reflect the person they are written for, to mark special moments in life such as the birth of a new baby, a special birthday, or the loss of someone close. Sometimes, a Soul Song is created specially for a person — just for you, or as a gift for a friend or family member.

Music connects with the deepest parts of our soul.

How does it work?

I will arrange to chat with you, to hear about the unique moment or significant life event you would like captured in a Soul Song, or the person you would like it created for.

During our chat you will be able to share your story and the meaning and significance of the moment or the person for your Soul Song.

Inspired by your story, your words and emotions, I will create a bespoke piece of music especially for you or your loved one — your unique Soul Song.

You will receive:

  • an mp3 recording of your piece
  • a video of your music with score as visuals
  • a printed or hand-written score, in a presentation binding

Videos with personal photos or images can be ordered according to requirements.

Next steps

Arrange an initial chat with me:

Or you can contact me in other ways.

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from £500

Your Soul Song includes

  • Themes drawn from our one-to-one consultation
  • My time, dedicated to finding the musical expression that perfectly fits your life moment
  • An mp3 digital performance of your piece, polished and rehearsed to embody the nuance and depth of your music
  • A video of your music with the score as visuals
  • A printed or hand-written score, in a presentation binding

Prices for music videos with photos or images other than the score on application

What people have said about their Soul Song:

The piece brought to life something of what my family had been through; and it expresses the love of music, dance and for each other that has run through the family from one generation to another.
Helen in Birmingham, UK
Music to remember an important family story.
Receiving a piano piece composed for my 50th birthday was such a unique gift. The music was beautiful and spoke to my soul. It made me feel incredibly special.
Erin in Birmingham, UK
Music to celebrate a milestone birthday.
This beautiful music captured my 70th year milestone and now four years later I still find it poignant and moving. Thank you Sarah.
Andrea in Reading, UK
Music to celebrate a milestone birthday.
This song meant a lot to me as it felt like something that reflected perfectly how I was feeling and I think Sarah did an amazing job with encapsulating that.
Personal song
When life felt so temporary Sarah was able to create something permanent for us that acknowledged Florence, the hole that was left and our onward journey without her. Thank you, Sarah, it truely was a precious gift.
Lynwen in Birmingham, UK
Song of remembrance
A unique and unexpected gift for my birthday, expressing deep friendship, which will be forever cherished.
Juliet in Birmingham, UK
Birthday gift
I sought a piece that reflected two lives that became one. I also stipulated that I wanted to be able to play it. Sarah rose to the challenge and produced a piece that reflects those requirements.
Errol in Birmingham, UK
Music to commemorate a life shared
The piece of music which Sarah wrote for me left me speechless... She has essentially bequeathed me a musical mirror to look into and understand myself, my journey and my dreams. What a wonderful gift.
Greg in Birmingham, UK
Music inspired by an extraordinary life

A Selection of Soul Songs