Incidental Music

Incidental Music


Hidden is a piece for piano and strings.

It was written for a person who is very special to me for her 70th birthday.

Composed in spring time, the beautiful emerging flowers spoke to me of the hidden beauty that lies dormant and unknown over the winter. My music reflects on the way in which we can know someone for a long time, and yet there are always beautiful hidden things to discover.

The title of this music, ‘Hidden’, is something many mature women will relate to. When the work of your job, or the energy you put into the next generation, is invisible except to you, and not attributed to you by others. When the vigour, and physique of youth has faded that’s how you feel — hidden.

This beautiful music captured my 70th year milestone and now, four years later, I still find it poignant and moving. Thank you Sarah.

Andrea, Reading, UK
Music to celebrate a milestone birthday.

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