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Colours Of Spring

Colours of Spring was written at the start of March 2021. It is a joyful piano solo, expressing my delight at seeing the vibrant Spring flowers start to emerge after the drabness of Winter.

The jubilant theme is defined by short motifs, inspired by birdsong, and the shadow of Winter is alluded to in the more sombre middle section. The mood doesn't last for long as the initial theme returns in a more extravagant way, reflecting how the flowers of Spring continue to burst out and fill the earth with their bold hues.

I always love the approach of Spring. March was when I was born so I look forward to birthday celebrations, and the change in light and colour gives me a wonderful sense of hope and anticipation for brighter days. I am always so encouraged by the wonderful beauty of nature around me.

This year it is particularly meaningful as the third lockdown in the UK due to the COVID-19 pandemic draws to a close and there is the fragile sense of hope that the end of isolation and social distance is in sight.

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Colours Of Spring score example