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Time will tell

I seem to spend a lot of my time reflecting on the changing perspectives that time gives us. Current events are viewed so differently with hindsight, and even as we live through each moment, time brings new insight.

This piano piece started from an improvisation in which the phrase 'time will tell' seemed to speak from the music. I have developed this theme here, changing it in each recurrence and interweaving new motifs and threads to alter our perspective of the theme through time.

The pictures in the video tell their own story.

Captured by my daughter on a recent holiday, I initially used them, thinking they depicted a sunset. It turned out they were, in fact, capturing the sunrise. Having made a video of the setting sun to portray a sense of resolution or acceptance of past events, I decided to change the imagery and end with a sense of hopeful outlook to the future.

Now available as part of my EP Transformations on Spotify

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Time will tell score example