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Waves On A Pebble Shore

This solo piano piece is inspired by the memories I have of the waves crashing in and out over pebbles on the beaches when on holiday in the summer. I love the way the water seeps through the stones in so many directions, the noise that it makes, and the colours that are revealed in the pebbles as they get soaked. You have no idea where the water will go, and there is constant movement and flux.

The music uses many themes that interweave and sound in unexpected ways, mirroring these ideas of fluidity and momentum. A calmer, more reflective middle section captures the sunlight on calmer waters, with a return to the main theme, in itself altered and transformed.

This is the third piece in my on-going collection of works with a seasonal theme, to complement Snow Gently Falling, and Colours of Spring.

Download the score (PDF)

Waves On A Pebble Shore score example