The Backwater Pirate

This musical is the winning entry in a competition organised in 2016-17 by the Schools Music Association of Great Britain (SMA) (part of The Incorporated Society of Musicians) (ISM).
“With touches of humour throughout, yet not shying away from deeper emotions, Sarah Baker’s script will appeal to the young performers themselves and to their audiences. Her music is eminently sing-able, memorable and varied. We think that this work will appeal equally to boys and girls and be easily within the grasp of any primary/middle school.” ISM-SMA Judging Panel

In a time before the invention of the camera and the motor car, Vidal Lagoon and his band of pirates roam the high seas and make a living, not by plundering and pillaging, but by … HAIRDRESSING! There is scope here to include large numbers of children playing the parts of Pirates, Townsfolk and Mermaids and opportunities for wild hairdos and colourful wigs! The humour throughout will appeal to those performing, as well as their audiences. You may already have guessed that this work contains many moments of humour, appealing to both boys and girls, but also explores issues to do with loneliness, bereavement, being true to oneself, as well as providing opportunities for the cast to ‘let their hair down’.