Solo Song Stillbirth


My friend's baby, Florence, died in labour in 2011. She was active and healthy in the womb until the placenta ruptured very unexpectedly.

I had the privilege of holding Florence in the hospital after delivery, and as I looked at her perfect features I was convinced that she had known her family's care and her parents' love during her time in the womb, through feeling their touch and hearing their voices.

I wrote this song for the family in the days following, at a time when it was so hard to put emotions into words. I hope it captured something of Florence as she grew in the womb, aware of her family in that brief span of her life.

This is a Soul Song

When life felt so temporary Sarah was able to create something permanent for us that acknowledged Florence, the hole that was left and our onward journey without her. Thank you, Sarah, it truely was a precious gift.
Lynwen in Birmingham, UK
A song of remembrance.