Upbeat 2-part Thankfulness

Thankful For This New Day

A happy song to foster thankfulness for the small things that make each new day special.

I wrote this song in the middle of the UK's third lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic in January 2021. I wanted to write a song that was joyful and upbeat at a time when things seemed very bleak around us.

I had recently been in a class singing songs with the few children who were attending school, and we had improvised verses about what they were doing in the lockdown. The session was a happy one, and as I walked home I reflected on how much more positive I felt for having made music with the children and having reminded each other of the things we were enjoying doing despite the restrictions.

The phrase 'sing this song together' came to mind, and from there I began to think about writing a song of thanks that could encourage us to think about and share the small things we are grateful for each day.